The growth momentum of China's MMA production capacity in 2021 will not decrease

Release time: 2021/6/11

  In recent years, the domestic MMA production capacity has maintained growth momentum, and by the end of 2020, the domestic MMA production capacity has reached 145.5万吨。In the first quarter of 2021, Zibo Qixiang Tengda Phase II 100,000 tons/year C4 method device was put into operation, and domestic production capacity continued to grow, and by June, the total domestic MMA production capacity reached 155.50,000 tons, an increase of 6.87%。In the second half of the year, some new capacity or production will be put into operation, and the growth momentum of annual production capacity in 2021 will not be reduced。

  Zhejiang Petrochemical Phase II 90,000 tons/year ACH device, Jiangsu Jiankun 150,000 tons/year ACH device preliminary plan to put into operation in the third quarter;Lianyi Refining and Chemical 100,000 tons/year ACH process plant plans to be put into operation from September to October;Shandong Hongxu preliminary plan in October or there is expected to expand capacity,The exact time has not been determined;Chongqing Yixiang end of the second phase plan or put on the agenda;Jangsusirbang III is expected in late 2021 to 2022;If the new production capacity can be successfully put into operation within the year,New capacity is expected to increase by more than 650,000 tons in 2021。

Reprinted from: China Chemical Industry Network

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