Sarah from BASF Asia Pacific and Mr. Li Shi from BASF China visited Yue 'an, Guangdong

Release time: 2023/8/14

  On July 26, Sarah, Supply Chain Manager of BASF (Asia Pacific) and Mr. Li Shi, General Manager of BASF (China) visited Guangdong Yue 'an Chemical Storage Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Yue 'an Chemical")。Mr. Xie Yungui, chairman of Yuean Chemical, and other management teams warmly received Sarah and Mr. Li Shi。

   The purpose of this visit is to understand the business operation of BASF (China) in the first half of 2023 and further deepen the understanding of the structure and operation of Yue 'an Chemical. During this process, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges and jointly discussed how to improve the storage safety operation and management。
  The management team of Yue 'an Chemical accompanied Sarah and Mr. Li Shi to visit the site。After the site visit, our company introduced the development history of Yue 'an Chemical, warehouse facilities, warehouse intelligent management, professional operation and the company's safety management system to Sarah, supply chain manager of BASF Asia Pacific, and Mr. Li Shi, China。At the same time, BASF (China) in the first half of 2023 in Yuean chemical warehousing business operations were detailed summary report, the main points include: warehousing service data analysis;Effective safety monitoring and warehouse operation, field operation pain point analysis, etc。

  After the work summary report of the first half of the year, Sarah and Mr. Li Shi also had an in-depth discussion with the management team of Yue 'an Chemical on specific business concerns, and the management team of our company highly recognized some management improvement suggestions for BASF (China) 's business operations in our company。This proposal mainly focuses on improving warehouse management efficiency, optimizing logistics operation process, strengthening safety management and expanding market。Both parties agreed that through strengthening communication, sharing resources, and optimizing business processes, safety management level, cost reduction, efficiency and operational efficiency can be further improved, and we also believe that Yue 'an Chemical can provide customers with better services and lay a solid foundation for future common development。

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